Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 2

I've started playing the sea challenger... and so far I have to say it's a challenge. The eastern part of the map is really hard to connect to the western part. The western part is easily to devellop and will surely get very big. I've connected my cities this way:
1. Train connection between Lancaster and Lincoln.
2. Bus between Lincoln and southampton.
3. Bus between Cardif and Lancaster; and between Nottingham and Lancaster.
This way I hope to have a lot of passenger to make a lot of money with my train line between Lancaster and lincoln
4. Bus between Salisbury and Chester
5. Bus between Sunderland and Winchester.
At first I wanted to connect the west with the east and north with a nice ship line. It turned out that the smallest boat available is for 1000 passenger and cost 14$ to move... The cities are way too small to substain such a boat...
So I've built a train connection between Wesminster and Chester.
When I have enough passenger and money again I'll go for the boat between Chester and Lincoln.

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