Sunday, January 31, 2010

February Challenge

This is the first challenge of this new blog. With this blog I want to post one challenge every month or every two months depending on how people will participate. I'll play the challenges and post about my progression regularly and I'll put a tab with the progression of other participants.

For this first challenge, I've created a sea map with 10 small cities. There will be two goals for this games:
1. Have the highest population by the end of 1955.
2. Have the highest population in the city of Sunderland.
The city of Sunderland is small and isolated. It'll be costly to make it grow. I'm curious about which strategies other people will use. I haven't decided about mine yet.

There will be a simple rules to follow
- Use only your own compagny, no public building, etc.
I use pak 128 with simutrans 102.0

Here is a map of the challenge

Here is the starting file

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